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In past times 12 months I rebuilt the motor for my fifty two TD. Until eventually not long ago it has only been to the road for brief visits. This previous weekend we went a little bit further more and of course It's really a large amount hotter outside the house. The temp gage shot approximately in excess of a 100C. the thermostat is new and rated at 83C. The water pump was rebuilt Together with the motor. I was about to pull the thermostat and Allow the h2o/coolant operate free of charge but was cautioned the thermostat can help Create up pressure which keeps the circulation heading. Any recommendations? I went through this a handful of a long time in the past with mine. You do not point out the status in the radiator; was it cleaned out, rodded to be certain there aren't any obstructions?

Purple Line i buy from a retailer fifty miles absent and he UPS's to me. Moss Motors's MG-TD catalog lists the Pink-Line 75W90NS as being a "Transmission Equipment Oil" - I have obtained this and it is actually Obviously marked within the back again with the container as a Hyploid Gear Oil. My comprehending from this thread is usually that a hyploid really should not be used in the equipment box (Transmission). Additionally, this exact same item's description states that it's not advised for use in the majority of differentials - does this eliminate thing to consider of the products for use within the rear close as well? Moss Motor's MG-TD most up-to-date catalog lists the Sta-Lube Gear Oil SAE one hundred forty , Multi-goal Hyploid as the one correct oil for gearbox, steering box, and differential. I fully grasp the reservation on working with Hyploid from the gearbox, but what is likely to be The existing wisdom for use of this within the differential? Now I am off for the car shop to test to locate a Red Line (Non-Hyploid) 90W equipment oil to the gearbox! TD differential oil

What was the initial color of your distributor system on an early MG TD engine (XPAG 1747)? Absolutely they were not painted MG red (maroon) along with the engine. My guess is they ended up painted black since they arrived from your Lucas manufacturing facility. Any thoughts? After 20 3 a long time of carrying out this for any residing, the sole colour I've ever seen was the purely natural alloy. Admittedly, some distributors had purple oversparay on them but I've constantly attributed that to careless engine re-sprays. I have hardly ever observed any trace of black paint. I purchased my 1950 TD in 1959 and it had been saved six of those 9 several years, and the human body was "all-natural" (unpainted).

? I'd a high density Main mounted within the radiator of our MGA when I could not get to chill down around I needed. It appeared exactly the same in the A and did it at any time run interesting. Challenging operate Dayton to Grand Rapids each year in Aug. Even sitting down in visitors, no sweat, very well not through the car or truck anyway. I haven't experimented with but on any of out Ts still, but more than likely will do the exact same.Both of those my TD and my wifes' TF take the summer months heat just fantastic here in Ohio with every little thing inventory. I might test that before I might drill the block. Anything to consider in any case. TD will not likely get started

For that TD should really the color of your radiator grill be similar to the interior of the car or must the grill be the exact same color as the vehicle ? Normal rule would be that the radiator grill slats needs to be that same as the interior colour. The exception is when the outside and interior are precisely the same colour (pink/pink, green/green) the human body coloration is employed, as rarely will your body and trim shades of coloration be exactly the same. This helps prevent acquiring two shades of the same colour entire body paint as well as is less complicated and cheaper. I haven't seen paint codes for different inside hues. Perhaps some 1 has them as There is certainly only tan, biscuit, red(regency) and inexperienced(apple), Until I have overlooked a single.

I'm wanting factors, condenser, And maybe a new coil for my fifty two TD (three and just one many years of work Virtually functioning). I followed the spark-plug thread and acquired new plugs at an area sections retail store for a little bit more than $1.xx Every single. (Moss was over $2.00 each). Is there a component quantity for factors, condenser, coil. Or am I stuck with mail purchase from Mo$$, Abingdon et al. There are alternate sources, not the minimum of that is NAPA. Ignition factors sold by NAPA are underneath the Echlin label. Go towards your neighborhood NAPA keep and ask them to have you a copy of your Echlin catalog #104 "Ignition, Electrical System Components, Early Product Cars & Gentle Trucks Thru 1974".

Should your coil is good you may know Sooner or later what a great coil should really browse, and you can check if yours has improved. Another examination is for an interior floor. St the meter on the high ohms scale and join 1 bring about the + or - terminals and set the other guide on to the case from the coil. The needle should not go in any way. If it does go, the coil is internally grounded and should get replaced. A suggestion to MGA homeowners is to ensure that the coil would not relaxation right within the generator. The vibration includes a terrible behavior of carrying a hole from the case of your coil resulting in the facility to arc from your coil to the bottom." I found my coil to get only 1100 ohms on the 2nd examination. Currently being an OF, I recall an issue my Father experienced with a 'fifty nine Ch*vy. The engine ran fantastic right until the coil heated up. Then it could just Give up. The moment it cooled down, ran great once again. Remember a coil is often a transformer with numerous coils of fantastic wire. If a wire breaks internally as the coil heats up, the enlargement in the Main, wires etc. can open the circuit. Then the moment it cools everythings Alright. I'd swap the coil. Undecided if This might implement for the TD, but I had an analogous condition with the Midget at the time. Turned out the coil was acquiring hot since the resistance wire was no good. If the car ran extended adequate it might essentially burn out the innards of the coil (went as a result of three of these prior to I solved the condition). Does the TD Have got a ballast resistor or resistance wire? If that's the case, it is advisable to check it out. TDs haven't got resistor or resistor wire inside the circuit--it had been a less complicated time.... Details Hole and Timiming

hope this assists. I have a set of diagrams that exhibit the placement of the entire motor compartment return springs as well as brackets and doohickies that hold them. I'll dig them out and send exact to you personally being an attachment. Is there any unique format you want to them sent in? Try to find them by next Tues. PM, however, they were being originally printed during the Feb 'ninety seven TSO (NEMGTR). If you can obtain a duplicate, you will have The complete post and also the diagrams. TD fuel tank filter

In 1936 the MG Car Business built a extraordinary alter in the design of their sports activities autos. In this 12 months they released the MGTA Midget. The MGTA originated the acquainted T-Collection style ingredient and to the informal observer, it is hard to distinquish in the MGTC. The MGTA sported the renowned radiator design and style, the swept wings, jogging boards, folding windscreen, and enormous obtainable bonnet. It absolutely was a two seater sporting activities motor vehicle by using a foldable hood and facet curtains. Just more than three,000 MGTA's had been developed in three several years of generation. The MGTA endured from a weak executing motor As well as in 1939 the MGTB was introduced While using the now popular XPAG engine. Only some ended up manufactured as in several months World War II broke out. Through Environment War II manufacture of MG's ceased given that the MG Automobile Corporation was set into company for the war hard work building tanks and airplane areas, and various navy goods.

We've been throughout the Redline thread a number of periods right before so I'll preserve this short. I put Redline 85W140 (Ithink) while in the TC's gearbox and it had been another neatest thing to the rebuild. I can't praise it remarkably ample. The tranny in my TC is weary, it was noisey and very difficult to shift when cold. Not extensive immediately after I got it I drained the transmission and differential and changed the oils with the appropriate lubes recommended via the manual. The transmission was just as noisey and just as tough to shift but I then figured a minimum of I'd completed what I could to avoid further damage. While at GoF West past 12 months I attended a tech session and the topic of artificial oils came up. The team could not arrive at a consensus on motor oil but I read nothing but glowing experiences of Redline synthetic equipment lube After i bought house I changed the 140W gear lube during the tranny Together with the suggested Redline equipment lube (eighty five-one hundred forty I believe). It had been (is) another best thing to the rebuild-in-a-can. The transmission was smoother, cooler, quieter and simpler to shift. All of this for $12! Redline synthetics are specialy formulated for older (classic) gearboxes and differentials and can be found in an array of flavours. I haven't any affiliation with them in the least but I just really need to pass on my practical experience. I can not propose them extremely more than enough. Inside the MG Y and TD I exploit Redline MT Continue ninety. It can be 75W 90 pounds What oil to use in my gearbox

When you readjust the points are you always finding them needing to be opened additional? Simply a imagined I Don't know TDs but I'll hazzard a recommendation. How would be the bushings as part of your distributer? Bushings are wonderful. The details are pitted. I'll transform them. Are they opening wider on you, or closing up tighter? When they're getting tighter (fewer gap/extra dwell), the fiber or nylon (plastic?) piece that bears over the distributor cam could be donning abnormally. Got a place of lube on that cam? TD ignition condition trouble / tough working

This brings about a gentle "V" on the rear confront. The entrance on the bracket has the crank hole enlargement inside the vertical face within a definite enlargement domestically at the crank gap only plus the decrease edges are usually not straight. Much easier to see it about the bracket than describe it. TD Radiator Help

Set your multimeter for the dc scale and evaluate the voltage from the disconnected small wire to the on the screw on the distributor that the wire is Ordinarily connected to. If you get any voltage the condenser is lousy. One other way will involve employing a screw driver around the factors even though the condensor is disconnected but I would not go into it now since I don't desire to run on and on and... My issue is solved. Checked the coil and it absolutely was Alright. Replaced all plugs, factors, condensor along with the car now runs effectively yet again. I do not know what did the trick but all is very well again. I recently painted the motor compartment. While undertaking which i made a decision to cleanse up the wires going to the fuse holder along with the voltage regulator. (MGA) I taken out Each individual with the wires separately and found various were corroded. I cleaned every one, and scraped the finishes so they would make better contact. It really is incredible how smooth the car now runs. I thought it had been functioning effectively in advance of! You might check that. Very good luck Trouble: Rough functioning XPAG (TD) motor, all speeds, loaded/unloaded, all mixtures, all temperatures. Therapy: Substitute plugs, plug wires, rotor, cap, condensor, coil, clean up and alter points, regulate timing. Regulate mixture via raise-the-pot and colourtune. Verify fuel pump. No seegar. Tips: "Possibly It can be sticky valves" (have freshly-put in bronze guides). But roughness occurs in the slightest degree speeds, scorching or cold. I raise the valve protect, Permit it operate at idle, place feeler less than Every single rocker. No tangible big difference when roughness takes place. "Possibly it's poor fuel" (gasoline is about a 12 months old). I drain the gasoline (what a large number!) and refuel. Following a couple of minutes to flush previous gasoline outside of the road as well as pump, engine remains to be rough. So I took out the distributor and stared at it. Nothing much better to try and do.Often staring is good. Made use of the magnifiers when staring, staying a blind OF. I recognized a certain amount of use on the very best fringe of the projection over the factors that rubs towards the cam. Wanting kinda sideways, I recognized the movable Section of the details was not fairly vertical. A further case of LLL (Laid Reduced by Lucas). The pivot on which the moving point mounts is often a brass pin that may be push in shape into your mounting plate. This pin experienced come loose. As a result of spring rigidity, the projection that rubs within the cam was lifted a little bit, causing it to rub also within the underside on the rotor. This friction prevented the points from returning adequately. Petronix ignition

And will attack your syncros if gotten to your prescribed temerature. I am going to have a shot at your queries, initially 90w120 is often a multi-viscosity gear oil and that is fantastic for all T style rear finishes and transmissions. I use ninety-140. Try to remember do not in excess of fill the rear conclude, by that I mean usually do not fill to the best with the filler plug gap, in order to the level plug. Reducing TD shifter rattle

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